Polyhedra (a room in which to read Joyce's Ulysses)

Polyhedra (a room in which to read Joyce's Ulysses)

Cardboard, wood, neon, plastic flowers
300 x 300 x 300 cm

Collection Museo Cantonale d'Arte 

Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions
Curated By Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
with Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Buchler, Davide Cascio,
Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans,Maria Fusco, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini,
Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O'Doherty, Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis.

Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, Ireland
16 June - 6 August 2011

Limerick City Gallery of Art,Limerick, Ireland
17 August - 29 September 2011

Thursday 26 May, 2011, 1pm,
Research Graduate school, University of Ulster, Belfast, 82D26
 “Am I by memory…”  a lecture by Davide Cascio

23.11.2007– 06.01.2008
Rooms, Roses, Polyhedrons
Premio culturale Manor Ticino 2007

12.3.2005 - 3.4.2005
Davide Cascio
Polyhedra (stanza per leggere L'Ulisse di Joyce)
Como - I

Polyhedra (a room for reading Joyce’s Ulysses) is a sort of “prismatic environment”
made up of 26 bases or faces, 48 sides and 96 angles that arrange themselves in space to form  
a  solid, closed, unitary and multiple core. Built to create the closed space of a room.

"(…)When? Now?
Well …no.
When, then?
I paid my way. I paid my way.
Steady on. He’s from beyant Boyne water. The northeast corner. You owe it.
Wait. Five months. Molecules all change. I am other I now. Other I got pound.
Buzz buzz.
But I, entelechy, form of forms, am I by memory because under ever-changing forms."
I that sinned and prayed and fasted.
A child Contee saved from pandies.
I,I and I.I.
Cfr.: James Joyce, Ulysses, Ed. The Modern Library – Random Hause, New York 1934.