complex interiors / galerie xippas paris / FracCentre Orleans

Complex interiors
La Chambre, Galerie Xippas, Paris

Form-structure 1
wood, metal, textile
dimensions variable
Courtesy Collection FRAC Centre, Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain de la ragion Centre, France

black painting
black spray painting on framed founded picture
48 x 61 cm

E.N. by Davide Cascio
A book edited by Egija Inzule
Published by Spector Books

Sunday, 27 February 2011
Davide Cascio E.N. - Book launch and presentation
The publication will be presented by Francesco Pedraglio at Xippas Gallery (Paris) March 1st from 18:30 onwards.

“A material that is wet and flexible constructs a system that is extremely rigid and structurally
far more stable than most building structures. So, flexible, elastic organizations becomes rigid structures”.
(Cf. Gottfried Semper. The Four Elements of Architecture and Other Writings.Trans. Harry F. Mallgrave and Wolfgang Herrmann. Cambridge, 1989)

“Using complex basic forms only disrupts the unity of the whole. Using a simple form
repeatedly narrows the field of the work and concentrates the intensity to the arrangement
of the form. This arrangement becomes the end while the form becomes the means.”
(Cf. Sol LeWitt. Paragraphs on Conceptual Art. Artforum, June, 1967)

“The living spaces were mostly extremely small, which was promoted as a virtue.
Carl Graeser lived on two mats of straw in a ruin between two narrow walls.
The functions of cooking, sleeping and living were seldom separated in space, as the
cooking-part gave off some warmth in the centre of the hut.”
(Cf. Antje von Graevenitz. For Light and Air: Self-Determination on Monte Verità. 2011)