Dangling Dangling Dangling

Dangling dangling dangling
Dimensions variables
Moquette, coton et bois mélaminé
Europaallee 1, Zürich
Credit Suisse AG Art Collection
Photo : Martin Guggisberg

Dangling, dangling, dangling is a site-specific sculptural work by Davide Cascio, a Ticino-born artist born who has won acclaim for a diverse body of work that combines attractive visuals with intelligent composition. It responds to the architecture of the foyer through intervention and subversion. The ensemble consists of two wall-mounted collages made of colored felt and cotton and an assemblage made of wooden boards laminated with "Formica" a building material that was especially popular in the 1970s. The velvety surface of the felt mats absorbs the incident light, making the colors shine all the brighter. Circles and rectangles interpenetrated and overlap, spilling over into the window zone below. The title of the work is a reference to the way it "dangles" in architectural space and to the almost kinetic quality of the shapes.Cascio works with the retro trends of our age and in Danglin, dangling, dangling paraphrases the form of domestic culture of the Pop Art era. In doing so, he creates a complex system of references to late modernist social engineering templates and inquires into their ongoing relevance today. His work thus enters into a productive synthesis with the intirior design of the foyer. Instead of submitting to the dictates of the locale, his installation asserts its place as a partner of equal worth. the three objects demand recognition as autonomous bodies, as things that sharpen our awareness of materials, style, and design.
Maria Becker

Antonello da Messina
San Sebastiano
1478-1479 ca.
Gëmaldegalerie Dresden