Golem (progetto utopico per spazio urbano)

Golem (progetto utopico per spazio urbano)
cartone, neon, collage
dimensioni ambientali
rialtosantambrogio, Roma

“(…) Thus geometry appears, the first character in our parable. The square block is the first and last act in the history of architectural ideas, as the intersection of the relationships between technology/sacredness/utilitarianism, between man machine rational structures and history.” Superstudio 1969

The square block is a primary solid geometric body, it is the absence of image (aniconism). The cubic form, used as a rational/technical element in art and in contemporary architecture, in the Semetic culture (Jewish and Moslem) is the place of worship /sacredness, but also in our Renaissance period, geometric solids were drawn and built to represent synthesis and syntax of the world, relating to the rebirth of neoplatonic thought.
Cube city:
“The island of Utopia spreads for two hundred miles in its larger, central part. To know one city is to know them all, since they are all completely similar. (...)  Amauroto is therefore situated on a gentle slope of a hill and has an  almost  perfectly square form.
(...) Every city is divided into four equal parts...furthermore, every district has spacious hotels, each placed at an equal distance from the others. According to tradition, in fact, Amauroto was designed  by Utopo himself.” Thomas More, Utopia.

Andrea Mantegna
Cristo morto
Tempera su tela
68 x 81 cm
1475 - 1478
Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano