Gruppo critico egalitario

Gruppo critico egalitario
Fitted carpet and wall paper collage
360 x 410 cm and 108 x 53 cm
Photo : A. Zveiger

Black map
Collage on linen backed map
70 x 75 cm

Wall paper collage
108 x 53 cm

The oriental idea of a carpet is of a cosy, clean space in which a small group of people can get together in a homely, intimate way. The design on oriental carpets which is often geometrical refers to an ideal place, a garden, a building,  beauty enclosed in a defined space. Charles Fourier with the architecture of Falansterio and the diagram “le groupe critiqe” drawn by Yona Friedman in her text Utopies réalisables are the places designed upon this carpet.

Charles Fourier
L'Avenir, perspective d'un phalanstère ou palais sociétaire dédié à l'humanité
Bordeaux, Imprimerie et lithographie de H. Faye, s. d.
vers 1840

Le «groupe critique»
Dans Yona Friedman, Utopies réalisables,
Paris-Tel-Aviv, Éditions de l’éclat, 1974

Josef Hoffmann
Flower stand