Scala per una città volante

Scala per una città volante
With Christian Kathriner
Fitted carpet
dimensions variables

Spazi aperti
Accademia di Romania
With Christian Kathriner

In 1204, in Spoleto, Francis of Assisi is preparing to take part in a crusade when, in a dream, he is promised a fortified celestial city; in consequence of this vision, Francis abandons his mission and devotes himself to a spiritual life. Seven and a half centuries later, Johannes Itten publishes The Art of Color, in which he states his theories and researches about what he considers as the basic colors: blu, yellow, red and their combinations. Some time later, in December 1989, the dictatorial government of Nicolae Ceauçescu and his plan to transform Rumania are destroyed by a people’s revolution. During the demonstrations, several people carried the Rumanian flag from which they had cut out the central communist emblem, leaving a hole in its place. What relationship is there between St. Francis of Assis, the color theory of Johannes Itten and the Rumanian revolution of 1989? Scala per una città volante, the work of Davide Cascio and Christian Kathriner, maps out a path along the staircase at the Rumanian Accademy in Rome.
Boris Magrini 

Ellsworth Kelly
blue Yellow red
41 x 33 inches

Carità di San Francesco e sua visione di una ricompensa celeste (particolare)
National Gallery

december 1989

Scala per una città volante
Christian Kathriner & Davide Cascio
Essay: Boris Magrini
Ed. gruppo editori
softcover 22 x 12 cm
Folded sheet 63 x 46 cm