Welcome Music

Welcome music
dimensions variable
mdf, métal, wall lamps, collage on mdf

Welcome music
collage on MDF
42 x 30 cm

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Ansan, Korea
Le Pavillon, Laboratoire de Création du Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Curated by: Manu Park with Florence Ostende and Haizea Bacenilla Garcia
Andrea Acosta, Patrick Bock, Ramiro Guerreiro, Anthony Lanzenberg, Jorge Pedro Nùnez, Samir Ramdani, Eunji Cho, Kiungah Ham, Young Min Moon, Jaye Rhee, Christian Merlhiot, Ange Leccia.

“William awakens one June morning to find a very changed reality – it is no longer the same place and time as those which he had left behind upon falling asleep, he begins his exploration of the new planet…”
Cfr. William Morris, “News from nowhere”

The installation "Welcome music" take as a starting point a near identical copy of the book "Korean Retournees from Japan" originally published by foreign Languages Publishing House, Piongyang, North Korea, 1960 and  reprinted in 2009 by Martha Rosler Library as a project made by Young Min Moon in occasion of the exhibition "Beyond the Instance of an Ending" Herter Gallery University of Massachusetts Amherst.

What happens if you awake up in the
morning and you find a very changed reality?
you are in a new home, new country, in a new planet...
If you are in a non-space between a home-made utopia and a social revolution...
«There it is, our country, dear!
I like it fine. The appartment is wery confortable as you see, It take about 20 minutes to the iron works. I must admit it is quite a walk. But I’am sure I’ll get used to it, and I know walking is wery healtful. I can hardly wait for the summer, I think it will be just wonderful Here with the sea so near our home. His graying hair at the temples and thin body bespoke the Hard life he had lived as a day-labourer. But he is so happy to know that life of humiliation is gone. On the morning of the third day after they landed. Choi Tai Choon and his wife Yuriko enjoyng a new, happy life. New work and new house. After all, I have come to a country where everyone, young and old, can learn.
We love the snow of the fatherland too!
How about a little music? »
Cfr. Korean Retournees from Japan, Piongyang, North Korea, 1960.
Kim Daul 
1989-2009. /
Ellis Gene Buettner in front of a Buddha, Korean war, 1950.

Rabindranath Tagore, 1886-1941 /
Lee Seo-Hyun, leading singer of vocal pop group M.Street, 1978-2008 / Kim Suk-Gyun, Actor, 1977-2009 / Choi Jin-Sil, actress and model, 1968-2008.
Arnoldus Montanus, Denckwürdige Gesandtschafften der Ost-Indischen Geselschaft in den Vereingten Niederländern an unterschiedliche Keyser von Japan. Ed. Jacob van Meurs, Amsterdam,1669 /
Ahn Jae-Hwan, actor, 1972-2008.

LP, Legowelt VS Orgue Electronique, 2000 /  Jang Chae-won, entretainer, 1982-2008.Monument au bataillon français de Corée 1950-1953
18 bd. de l'hotel de Ville, Paris / Kim Ji-Hoo, actor and model, 1985-2008.